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there was once a world

There was once a world
Where sanity and hate walked hand in hand.
People murdered each other for the sheer joy of it
And bitter tears fell unheeded to the ground.
There was once a world.

There was once a time
Where empty hearts were ignored and cast aside.
Forced into the misery of self-mutilation
To grant their pain an outlet.
There was once a time.

There was once a life
Where racism and prejudice were so rampant
That young children were taught to despise anyone unlike them
And adults fought wars over the color of someone’s skin.
There was once a life.

There was once a world
Where the minds of the people were so far steeped in delusion
That all they could do was look at history
And not see themselves in the reflection.
There was once a world.

Our world.
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