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an AD

A personal ad! (tee-hee-hee)

I got this poetry notebook about a month ago (I bought it with some birthday money) and since then I’ve been faithfully carrying it around with me everywhere. It’s starting to look a little battered (and I’m extremely proud of that lol). It has quotes from famous poets and things scattered throughout it, and today, instead of having a quote, it had this: “Turn to the personal ads in your local newspaper and write about that trampy ‘SINGLE 21 YO FEMALE ISO WEALTHY, OLDER GENTLEMAN.’ Better yet, write your own personal ad in the form of a poem.” (no offence meant by what I just quoted, to anyone). I thought that the idea of writing a personal ad was hilarious, so I did lol. I didn’t make it rhyme, or fit a scheme, or any other such thing, I simply scribbled for exactly three minutes, and this is what came of it. and I can’t help but laugh at myself when I read it.. :D


I am a 16 YO female
I am your wildest fantasy
and your worst nightmare.
I am happiness
and sadness;
Night –
and day.
Laughter –
and sorrow.
I am everything that
you don’t know you need,
And none
of what you think
You want.
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that was sooooo cute, I am more into writing sad poetry myself, whenever I am stressed or upset, I let my mind flow onto paper.
lol thank you :). I'm really more into sad poetry too, but every once in a while I get tired of being sad, n' write something happy :D hehe..
I understand that, for me, most of the time it is a venting thing, I get stressed out and I write my heart out, I have had writer's block lately, but maybe that is a good thing you know???? in a weird sort of way. by the way my name is Hannah
Your name is Hannah? that's is mine lol :)

Writer's black can be a good thing (in a weird sortof way), but it drives me absolutely insane. especially when I'm feeling a certain way about something, and I simply can't get the words out onto paper. Prompts are good for helping one out of writer's block as well. If you like, I can give you the names of a few communities that have prompts and things.
I would love that!! thanx han!!! :)
lol you're welcome! :) the two main communities are write_away and _these_words_. authors has the same prompts as _these_words_ because I'm the one who posts it lol, but it has a lot of activity going on in it, so there's always plenty to read. If you like writing longer pieces like stories, then there's the community crimsonata.

p.s. may I add you?
Sure add me if you like, I am new to this whole journal thing, I heard about it from a friend, so what do I do at these sites, reply and critique? get ideas??? I added you as one of my that ok? lol :)
lol that's perfectly fine ;)

well lets you know anything about livejournal? It's the absolute best site in the whole entire worl...okay maybe I should shut up now. :D. What you do at the sites, is go to their user information page and join them. then they should show up on your friends page. If you see something that you really like, or something that you would change about a poem, then you post a comment. You can also post what you've written on there (I'm sure you know that), n' maybe people will comment on what you've written!
cool beans